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Direct Mail Marketing Scams?

It’s a fact of life: scams are everywhere. It’s easier to spot a random email scam than an actual mail piece that may or may not be directly addressed to you. The thing is, when it comes to direct mail marketing scams, it could be easier to suspend one’s disbelief as opposed to their virtual counterparts.

Photo Credit: Commons.Wikimedia

The different kinds of mail marketing scams
From astrologers asking for money in exchange for future predictions down to sob stories that encourage you to donate a large sum of cash, mail-marketing scams are not as popular as their email counterparts. But the fact is that these mail pieces are still making the rounds in neighborhoods worldwide.

Here’s the thing: if they’re asking for your money (without offering an actual product/service) even in the smallest quantities, be wary. Be especially careful if you were told that you’ve won something and you need to do this or that in order to claim your prize. Chances are, if you didn’t join any contest or giveaway, then it’s impossible that you just won for yourself a few hundred or even thousand dollars.

Seniors are a usual target of direct mail scams so take note: if there’s a company offering you (or someone you love) a way to get access to pension money before being legally considered as a senior citizen, throw that mail away! It’s quite likely that it’s just another one of those scams. Another thing: seniors should carefully analyze vacation packages (cruise ships, et cetera) and offers for cheap medicine online before swiping those credit cards. Chances are good that those two aforementioned aren’t exactly scams but then again these are more likely to be sent without the fine print included. They may not be actual scams but they don’t have your best interests either.

But what if you’re the sender instead of the receiver of direct mail pieces?
In order to avoid sending scam-like mail pieces, the only thing anyone should remember is that quality marketing mail pieces will never be mistaken for a scam. If there’s an obvious time and effort invested in the mail piece, then there’s a less chance of being mistaken for a fake company or business.

This is one of the reasons why you need to enlist the services of a professional direct mailing house – to make sure that you’re delivering high quality mail pieces for a relatively lower cost. When you’re working in partnership with a mailing house, you could easily create the most effective marketing strategy without having to lower your standards. There is no need for the quality of your mail pieces to look amateurish and/or hurried. After all, a carefully crafted mail marketing campaign is akin to person who has mastered an art form. What you’re paying for is craftsmanship and years of expertise. Although it is easy to go DIY nowadays, there is always that risk of creating sub-par mail pieces that will be mistaken for scam mail pieces that are better off as trash bin decorations.

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